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STAR CLINIC, is a Reputed Medical care provider in primary care related services and it carries a long standing patronage from local community for more than 3 decades. Patients not only from Muscat but also from many neighboring and faraway wilayats across the country seeks the services for all their family members , in many cases running two to three generations.

IT IS LOCATED IN THE HEART of Muscat city in RUWI Near the ONTC bus terminal and well connected to the highways. It has well furnished premises and modern equipment and latest facilities for all day care treatments and supported by very experienced and dedicated medical team. The clinic premise has a large parking facility.

THE CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER DR.LAKSHMI.N.KRISHNAN leads the medical team and she has been serving for more than 25 Years .in Star Clinic. Her dedicated, charismatic and patient friendly care lead to excellent RAPPORT WITH All patients especially OMANI PATIENTS.

SHE IS ASSISTED BY DR.ROY FERNANDEZ again another experienced physician in Oman with decades of practice.The clinic is available for extended hours almost all days.

The nursing and supporting staff are well experienced and carry the culture of dedication, friendliness and efficient medical care contributing to the success story of Star Clinic as a busy and popular primary medical care provider in Oman.

The Clinic has been around for more than 35 years, located in the heart of the city, in Ruwi and in Mabela, with experienced doctors.

Dr. Lakshmi N Krishnan, Dr. Roy Fernandez
Star Clinic, Ruwi, Muscat.
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