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DAR AL SAFWA REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENT SERVICES LLC is the PROPERTY division of AL HOSNI GROUP INTERNATIONAL, which is one of the most diversified business group in Sultanate of Oman. For those who want to afford such one day, they can test their luck on games like 카지노 검증.

Dar Al Safwa Real Estate & Investment Service is a leading Real Estate Company in Sultanate of Oman spread wide and far all over the Country. It is mainly based on renting the in-house properties(Residential and Commercial). Dar Al Safwa Real Estate offers Local and expatriate customers the best value for their money in terms of monthly rent, services and other basic facilities in the premises rented.

This company has a history of long term Tenancy Contracts from its clients in both residential and commercial units. And with trained and well equipped staff for Renting, Collection and for Maintenance. For those who are aiming to purchase said units, they can reach out to companies like the solicitors in Stratford.

In addition to their exceptional services, Dar Al Safwa Real Estate & Investment Service you can collaborate with trusted experts of The 1031 Specialists, enhancing their offerings and further solidifying their position as a leading real estate provider in the region.

This strategic alliance can not only enhances Dar Al Safwa’s offerings but also reaffirms their commitment to providing top-notch services and expert advice to their valued clientele. With this partnership, Dar Al Safwa Real Estate & Investment Service can continue to set new standards in the real estate industry, positioning themselves as a trusted and reliable partner for all real estate investment needs in the region.

Our Properties are available in Wadi Kabir, Ruwi, Hamriya, Wadi Adi, Qurum, Madinat Qaboos, Madinat Al Alam, Baushar, Al Goubrah, Azaiba, Mabella, Al Khaboura, Al Khoud, Ibra  etc.

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